Just in case you miss any fun in your graduation trip to Suzhou

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                    Got any plans for your graduation trip?

                    Come to Suzhou and have a good time here!

                    Route No. 1

                    Taihu Lake Wetland Park - Shushan Village - Huaihai Street

                    ●Taihu Lake Wetland Park

                    Feel the rustic charm and tourists can expect to see cute giant bears.

                    Ticket Price: RMB60 yuan

                    Contact phone number: 0512-66918088

                    Long press the QR code to buy the tickets

                    ●Shushan Village

                    Red bayberries ripe in June and pears in July. Tourists can come and pick fruits and have a feast of local delicacies such as wontons with chicken soup, bream, shrimps, etc. in a random agritainment farm.

                    Ticket Price: Free of Charge

                    ●Huaihai Street

                    Huaihai Street is a popular internet-famous place in Suzhou where tourists can take amazing photographs of the street and taste Japanese cuisine.

                    Route No. 2

                    Suzhou Museum of Imperial Kiln Brick - Lotus Pond in Moonlight Wetland Park - Taiping Old Street - Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort

                    ●Suzhou Museum of Imperial Kiln Brick

                    China’s first museum to display “imperial kiln bricks”, it aims to protect a precious cultural heritage and present the little-known firing process of “imperial kiln bricks” and its profound historical and cultural connotations from various perspectives.

                    Ticket Price: Free of Charge

                    Contact Phone Number: 0512-66182178

                    Long press the QR code below to enter the reservation page

                    ●Lotus Pond in Moonlight Wetland Park

                    Have a good time near lotuses with a variety of shapes.

                    Ticket Price: RMB30 yuan

                    Contact Phone Number: 0512-66152223

                    ●Taiping Old Street

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                    Taiping Old Street is not very long but multiple historical sites lie here including Taiping Temple, former residence of Wang Gao, an official in the Song Dynasty and some old mansions built in the end of the Qing Dynasty.

                    Ticket Price: Free of Charge

                    ●Yangcheng Lake Peninsula Tourist Resort

                    Yangcheng Lake is very popular with foodies and the most delicious food in the season is “Liu-Yue-Huang crab” (六月黃,young hairy crabs). 

                    Screenshot from Once Upon A Bite S2E2

                    *Liu-Yue-Huang is a hairy crab’s last molting period before it is fully grown. Compared with the ones that are sold in autumn (when female crabs are preferred), people in Suzhou mainly eat male Liu-Yue-Huang for its thin shell, tender crab meat and rich crab roe.

                    Ticket Price: Free of charge

                    Route No. 3

                    Shuangta Market - Pingjiang Road - Suzhou Museum - The Humble Administrator’s Garden Night Tour

                    Shuangta Market

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                    Haitang Cake, sweet red bean soup, refreshing mung bean soup and many other snacks are available at the internet-famous Shuangta Market.

                    ●Pingjiang Road

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                    Pingjiang Road is a must-go place in Suzhou and the Dongshengli Culture and Arts Gallery is especially popular with shutterbugs.

                    ●Suzhou Museum

                    Suzhou Museum, designed by celebrated architect I. M. Pei, lies next door to the Humble Administrator’s Garden in the old town of Suzhou and is very popular with both domestic and foreign visitors.

                    Ticket Price: Free of Charge

                    Contact Phone Number: 0512-67575666

                    Long press the QR code below to enter the reservation page

                    ●“Zhuo Zheng Wen Ya” Night Tour Program

                    The Humble Administrator’s Garden is rather gentle and elegant at night, the winding paths leading to peaceful seclusion and the sceneries varying with changing view-points.

                    Ticket Price: RMB228 yuan

                    Contact Phone Number: 1805154562

                    Long press the QR code to buy the tickets

                    Route No.4

                    H.Brothers Film World - Eslite Bookstore -Suzhou Center - Jinji Lake Fitness Trail

                    H.Brothers Film World

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                    Embark on a journey to the fabulous film world.

                    ●Eslite Bookstore

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                    The Eslite Bookstore is a cultural landmark by the Jinji Lake.

                    ●Suzhou Center

                    Isle -- Sun Yao Solo Exhibition is currently on show at QU Art Museum in Suzhou Center.

                    ●Jinji Lake Fitness Trail

                    The Jinji Lake Fitness Trail offers greet lake vistas and summer vibes.